The Anthropocene?

The Geologic History of Earth. Note the timescales. We are currently in the Holocene, which has been warm and moist and a great time to grow human civilization. But the activity of civilization is now pushing the planet into a new epoch which scientists call the Anthropocene.

Let’s Break it Down 

The Holocene is the current geologic time that we are in right now. It started about 11 thousand years ago and began with the introduction of the human species and agriculture. A topic being researched over time is the debate of whether the Anthropocene has begun or not. The Anthropocene definition is slightly different from article to article, but in short, it basically is a timer period of the human impact on the Earth. The starting date of the Anthropocene is unsure but the idea and basis behind the topic is only increasing because of human overpopulation.

The 1800’s was a serious start to the burning of fossil fuels and is the reason for why it might have been the time for when this period began. The global change in the world represents a profound shift in the relationship between humans and nature. The article goes into the 2 stages in which are the predicted golden spikes. The two stages are the Industrial Era and The Great Acceleration. The Industrial Era used fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas and offered the use of carbon, which was a massive energy subsidy. During this era, the idea of using CO2 concentration as an indicator to track the progression of the Anthropocene was brought to attention. This would also help compare the human imprint on the Earth’s system and was later utilized in the second stage.